Good Dot and RCM are bringing Vegetarian Meat to India! Using a special technology, we turn grain and plant proteins into products that look like meat, taste like meat, and are better for you.


Our products pack the protein of meat without the drawbacks. By replacing meat in your meals with vegetarian meat, you will cut your fat intake by 33%. Also, our meat has NO cholesterol!


Whether you're making a meal for veg or non-veg friends and family, Good Dot products will satisfy everyone! From curries to stir fries to wraps, our “meat” product can be used to replace traditional meat in any recipe.

Good Dot products provide the taste, texture, and protein of meat without the negative impacts on your health, the environment or the animals. Our products are good for all! 


₹155.00 Regular Price
₹139.50Sale Price
250 Grams