Nutricharge Veg Omega is the Power of OMEGA-3 for your health, containing 420 mg of total omega and 250 mg of Omega-3 nutrients. Omega-3 are essential nutrients (our bodies can’t make them) required for healthy heart, skin, nerves and joints. Omega-3 nutrients are very safe and have multiple health benefits. Scientists have proved that Omega-3 nutrients protect us from heart diseases and diabetes, keep skin healthy, check cholesterol levels and reduce joint pain and stiffness. Our diet often lacks Omega-3 nutrients, so most of us don’t get enough of them. As Omega-3 is so good for our heart, skin and joints, do add a daily dose of Omega-3 goodness to your routine with Nutricharge Veg Omega.


Nutricharge Veg Omega helps keep you “Young At Heart”

Nutricharge Veg Omega is a 100% Vegetarian soft capsule. It contains 420 mg of total omega and 250 mg of omega 3. Nutricharge Veg Omega is available in a consumer friendly pack of 30 capsules (2 strips x 15) in a box.


Who can consume

All Adults above 14 years of age


1 capsule of Nutricharge Veg Omega to be taken daily for a long duration after breakfast in the morning

MRP: 187/- for 30 Veg. soft capsule

Nutricharge Veg Omega

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